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Natale Gaetano Rampinini was born in Gorla Maggiore (Varese), then moved to Fino Mornasco, where he took over the management of the local post station with stabling delivery.

First horse-drawn carriages left from the stations of Fino Mornasco and Como San Giovanni, whereas passengers were brought to the villas on the Lake Como and to Brianza.

In 1906 the company “Coaches and Carriages Rampinini Natale” was established and in those years the job consisted of goods and passengers transportation.

From 1945, Natale’s son, Ernesto, enhanced the development and the success of the company, following his father’s steps, marked by coaches and carriages, and he better defined the different branches.

The first bus was bought to replace the bench equipped lorries, used for trips till then. From the ‘50s the third generation took over.

In 1965 the first goods warehouse was built and storage agreements were signed.

The first travel agency was born in 1977 and from 1980 the first outsourcing contract was drawn up.

The head office was still in Fino Mornasco, in the meantime new offices were opened in Cermenate, Lomazzo and Turate, Como and Rovellasca.

Our corporate Quality System has been certified since 1998, in compliance to international law: UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 from the Institute CERTIQUALITY sector CERTITRANS N°1932 and network international registration IQNet n°6428.

Our care for the environment and safety has been bringing us to the certification:
- environmental ISO 1400/2004
- SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System)
- SGSSL (Safety Management System and Work Health)


In the meantime the company expanded its experience to LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN AREA: transport, charge, physical and automated goods management are the activities in which the logistics services perform. The company specialized and itself obtained the necessary license in the following product area:

- food stuff
- pharmaceutical
- veterinary drugs
- zootechnical produce
- textiles and fashion
- chemical produce


The company was recognized as a “tour operator” and new offices were opened, dedicated to congress and incentive tourism, hotel reservations and incoming. Moreover a promotional activities of landscape and architectural beauties of Como area were launched, by the means of travel packages which ranged from culture to wine-and-food, from art to museums, from the villas to the gardens of Lario and Brianza.

Sensitive to the transports demands of people with motor difficulties, Rampinini Srl was one of the first companies to have tourism coaches specifically equipped in order to make the journey as much comfortable as possible for disabled people as well. Staff is particularly trained and available for this kind of service.
Every year hundreds of tourist appreciated Rampinini activities and the company was recognized as “Como in the world”.

The tourist activities was enhanced and other two travel agencies were opened to follow individual customers of the group.

Thanks to our experience, together with our staff, partners, correspondents and qualified sub-vectors, we can satisfy our customers’ needs and keep on improving the required standard of service.