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The constant search for the control and continuous improvement of the quality of service has brought us, already by the early 90s, to install special equipment on our vehicles that allow us, automating the repetitive operations of loading and unloading , to speed up the phases, completely eliminating the manual operations on the vehicle.

The driver only has to command the phase advancement of the load from the panel while the discharge operation can even be set automatically.

The same equipment can be installed as a fixed installation at our customers , indoors or in yards of the areas of shipping / receiving goods in order to optimize and better manage the stages of delivery / receipt of goods considerably reducing time and risk in the load and unloading of trucks , according to precise logics of management of the warehouse

The integrated system allows to optimize the stages of shipment and receipt with an increase safe and constant productivity . The transfer of products , from the dock fixed to ' truck , takes place in just 90 seconds , in the total absence of staff and risk of damage to the cargo handled.

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