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Our organization based in Fino Mornasco Via Garibaldi 110, holder of licenses from limousines to buses, as expressly required by the circular of the Ministry of Education No. 253 of 14/08/1991, n ° 291, 14/10 / 1992 n ° 623 of 02/10/1996 ......... guarantees and declares under its own responsibility that will comply with the following standards:
• All buses are equipped with a property Regular Licence Depot Bus Hire
• subject to annual review by the relevant Inspectorate MCTC insured with a maximum of € 50,000,000.00 (100 billion pounds) at a leading Insurance Company
• regularly provided with a tachograph annual certification that the check of the same by the approved
• All drivers are regularly employed in sufficient numbers to ensure a suitable rotation driving and hours of rest
• are in possession of a valid driver's license and subsequent Certificate of Professional Qualification KD / CQC
• all staff are required to comply strictly with the rules of the road for driving times and rest and is guaranteed the use of the 2nd driver if the journey is longer than 9 hours of driving every day.
• fully licensed Travel Agency category A and B with regional authorization n ° 6116 of 03.07.1986 and as such is particularly experienced in the curriculum of several days. He also states that the hotel accommodation offers, provide both housing for their food, the necessary levels of welfare participants.

The Company has its own exclusive workshop for the regular inspection and maintenance of the fleet. Each bus is periodically subjected to a treatment of internal sanitation to guarantee maximum environmental disinfection.

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