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The programs listed are just an example of our programming which is very extensive and detailed. A direct contact to inspect the entire programming that ranges from the most beautiful town of artistic interest, parks, castles, lakes, visits to the food companies, to the intercultural programs, etc. ....

Evening outputs

For several days trips, the nights out with the use of the busses must be requested at the time of programming to ensure your safety in accordance with current legislation establishing the night's sleep of the driver of at least 9 consecutive hours.


Based on our experience, we recommend that you contact us after the choice of the maximum program to have a precise altitude per person based on the number of participants and accompanying persons.
Depending on the duration of the trip and the number of participants, if the selected locations permit,
we offer programs with alternative means of transport (train - plane - bus - boat) economically more valid.
For example, the town of artistic interest in Italy (Florence, Rome, Venice, etc ...), the main islands (Sicily and Sardinia) and the European capitals (Prague, Paris, Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, etc. ...).


Prices can only be determined at the time of booking and ticketing context.
Therefore, the shares, which will be listed as a result of Vs specific request, are to be considered approximate.

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