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Seveso III Warehouse

The Company is creating a new logistic deposit of chemical products, subject to Art. 13 and 15 of Legislative Decree 105/2015 as a "upper tier establishment", in its own site in Via Leonardo da Vinci 40, Lomazzo (CO).
It is built with particular safety requirements, adopted in the executive design, with particular reference to the following dangerous products:
-Extremely flammable (typically Aerosol, with Risk Phrase H220, ex R12),
-Flammable with flash point <23 ° C (typically solvents and varnishes: H225, ex F, R11) or <60 ° C (typically liquid epoxy resins: H225 or H226, ex R10), fuels in general> 60 ° C
-Comburants (typically common fertilizers based on ammonium and potassium nitrate, with risk phrase H271 or H272, ex R8, but falling under heading 2 and 6 of Part 2 of Annex 1, respectively, simple nitrate-based fertilizers of ammonium and potassium)
-Toxic to humans (typically Products of Pesticides with Risk phrases H300, H310, H330 of Cat. 1 and 2, or Cat. 3 inhalation),
-Dangerous for the aquatic environment, currently classified with risk phrases H400, H410 or H411 (ex N, R50 or R51 / 53)
in areas suitably compartmentalized, in maximum quantities such as to exceed, for some of these hazard categories, the corresponding third-column subjection limits of Part 1 of Annex 1 to Legislative Decree 105/15, whereby the subjection to Art. 13 and 15 as the new "upper threshold" establishment.

In particular:
- for the possession of flammable aerosol products with regard to the identification of specific requirements deriving from the extensive and precautionary application of Title VIII of the Ministerial Decree of 13 October 1994,
- for the possession of flammable liquids (H225, H226) with regard to the more general requirements set by the application of the RD 31st July 1934.
-for plant protection products and as required by Circular N ° 15 of 30 April 1993.

The New Deposit Map:

The deposit has an area of ​​7,100 square meters with supporting structure (pillars and beams) and prefabricated reinforced concrete roofing elements and partitions and perimeter walls with flame resistance.

In fact the compartmentalisation of the storage areas is with REI 180/240 walls, to differentiate the use according to the nature of the safety conditions linearly from the surface (foam and high expansion systems).

The new warehouse has dimensions dimensions = 91 x 78m = 7,100 square meters with an external height of crowning the panels of about 13.00 m.

The following are the main building and construction characteristics of the buildings:
- Supporting structures (pillars and beams) and prefabricated reinforced concrete roofing elements and partitions and perimeter walls with fire resistance (R / REI 180 in general and R / REI 240 for areas D, E and F aerosols).
- For the possession of Aerosols and Flammable Liquids, a separate storage is envisaged in separate areas, adjacent to each other but partitioning REI 240, further subdividing the compartments, with a surface of about 500 square meters, privileging entrances and areas for loading / unloading goods and among the various warehouse areas, achieving this opportunity and profitable growth of the warehouse also for other products.
-The Aerosol products compartment is in a corner of the depot in order to be able to count on at least two tests attested to space for the natural occasion, at the top (1/10 of the surface in the plant) and at the top (1/5 of the surface ).

The warehouse is divided into 7 compartment areas R180 / 240, with the last gross walls:
• Area A = 1.740 mq
• Area B = 1.730 mq
• Area C1 = 800 mq
• Area C2 = 890 mq
• Area D = 710 mq
• Area E = 510 mq
• Area F = 490 mq

For the classification of the deposit, in accordance with the Ministerial Decree of 20 October 1998, the following scheme is applied:

Therefore, the new deposit in question is overall classified as Class I due to the evaluation in Category A of all the Critical Units identified, according to the criteria of Attachment 1 to Ministerial Decree 20 October 1998.

The precautionary and preventive measures adopted, in order to minimize the effects of any major accidents, are mainly of a technical nature, as the project adopts the best solutions normally adopted in similar situations and can be summarized as follows:
- electrical systems and protection against atmospheric discharges in areas used for storage of finished plant health products in execution suitable for the ATEX classification of the areas;
- REI 180 and R / REI 240 subdivision for the areas destined to inflammables of each category to contain the maximum extension of a possible uncontrolled fire and load-bearing, separation and perimeter structures resistant to fire R180;
- fire detection system;
- ESFR type automatic sprinkler shutdown system in area F (aerosol);
- high expansion foam automatic shut off system in all storage areas (excluding F);
- passive containment systems against polluted waters in case of fire.

The management measures adopted consist of:
- segregation of substances with specific risks in compartmentalised and dedicated areas (Area F: Aerosols and Area D and E: Flammable liquids);
- periodic verification with the obligation to annotate the appropriate fire protection system register by suitably trained company personnel or qualified external companies;
- periodic verification of the state of conservation of equipment, shelving, packages and pallets;
- information and training of personnel on the characteristics of the products handled and training on their handling;
- training of personnel to deal with situations of potential danger (principles of fire, release of dangerous substances and methods of emergency response and collection);

Rampinini has adopted a Safety Management System (SGS) for the prevention of major accident risks with a Policy Document for the prevention and protection of risks of major accidents, in accordance with the criteria of Legislative Decree 105/15.
A Safety Manual and the Management and Operating Procedures have been drawn up, regarding the methods of safe management of the warehouse areas and connected plants.
The operators involved in the handling of goods are informed about the type of substances treated and they are transmitted orally and in writing the correct methods of handling the products.