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CERTIFICATIONS: Authorization and storage of Hazardous products subject to the italian Legislative Decree 334/99, warehouses in Seveso in amounts superiors to the maximum level being subject (Article 8)

The COMPETITIVE pressure in international markets , requires speed in achieving the quality standards that have become so current for those companies who want to fully satisfy the needs of its customers . In this context , RAMPININI ERNESTO S.r.l. it aims to achieve a high level of service in the field of Logistics Services: transport , management of goods and distribution; that, in terms of quality, guaranteeing the customer one rule of High Reliability.

An environmentally-friendly, geared to the Total Quality
Quality in Rampinini has always been an essential element of the service and since 1998 our company, one of the first in the industry, has taken steps to certify our organization according to the international standard of ISO 9001:2008 .

Certification in Rampinini is interpreted as a useful tool for the continuous improvement of all business processes at every level of organization, with the aim to effectively meet the demands and expectations of customers and other.

Rampinini for sustainable development entails respect for the environment and the best use of available energy resources and ensuring a high level of safety and health for employees, suppliers and customers. That's why inside the company was developed an environmental management system ISO 14001:2004 as well as a ISO 9001:2008 and a OHSAS 18001:2007, thanks to these three management systems Rampinini obtained in July 2012, among the top 100 companies in Italy, the certificate of excellence nr. 342 from Certiquality.

The flagship is the vehicle fleet, continually renewed, respectful with the strictest EU environmental standards and European security.

In view of the above, the Board of Directors defined the following Quality Policy and the following objectives:

Objectives: To divulge the own services
INFORMATION To welcome and orient the customer
RECEPTION Ensure knowledge of the process

Objectives : To make more rapid services
SPEED ' Facilitating customer in compliance
COMFORT ' Adapting to customer needs

Goals : Reduce and prevent errors
RELIABILITY ' Ensuring consistent quality of service
STANDARD Managing disruptions and contingencies
READINESS RESPONSE Listen to the customer and let him evaluate the service

Objectives : To extend and enrich the service
ENRICHMENT Evolve service

The commitments by the Board of Directors, in view of its policy for quality, are as follows:
Increased commitment to the involvement of staff in the understanding and implementation of the quality policy and its objectives.
Verification of implementation of the policy and the quality of its goals at all levels.
Reject a lesser quality , waste of resources and everything that is not in line with the policy of quality set out above.

»Fire prevention certificate
» Certificate ISO 9001
» Certificato ISO internazionale
» Allegato al certificato internazionale
» Certificate ISO 18001
» Certificate ISO 14001
» Excellence Certificate

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