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A Logistics Company differs itself on the market for its ability in managing several products categories thanks to an integrated information system.

We seek to operate in the global market, with an external integration, in an environment oriented to services that allow us to interface with partners, suppliers and customers’ systems.

Our information system is able to identify, measure and track automatically the status and the flow of products, vehicles and people in order to redesign all you internal and external business processes, pursuing efficiency and effectiveness.

It was created to optimize Logistics, Warehousing & Transportation activities with a strong stamp for innovation, flexibility together with the opportunity of customization to respond to any requirement. Our goal is to connect all the players in the supply chain optimizing the visibility and the flow both of information and processes.

Our main SW modules concerning WMS and TMS are:
GDO TMS (tracking of the shipment in real time thanks to a GPRS system connected with the headquarters; management of accounts payable and accounts receivable).
EASYSTOR WMS (dynamic management of store location seeking to minimize the lead time of all the warehousing operations, real time update, direct control on the outbound side, opportunity for the customer to directly interface with our system).

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